Welcome to my little big website. Its contents have been collected since I was a kid. A lot of it is my own work, but a lot of it wasn't. A complete list of contributors is probably not possibly. But 95% of the blame can be attributed to myself and the following people...

Richard is an Arts graduate and a public servant. He describes himself as "His Holiness, the Messiah" and "Sex stud of the universe". Others have describes him as "That stupid miserable stinking whinging prat". Reality is probably somewhere between the two.

Nick did not finish his chemistry PhD and now wears a suit. Tries to be a modern renaissance man, but is generally too grotty.

Nick Shiels was a trained killer, who unfortunately was a little too good. When he was alive he was described as a "tame psychotic". A typical comments of Nick's behaviour was: "Nick said he'd be around in half a hour so we should see him in 3 or 4 days".

Also known as Xylic. Renowned for his dancing style, hence "Xylicing" (pic left) and "Extreme Xylicing" (further diagrams in the Underworld section). These days he runs the raves, organising the Anthems parties.
The above people have contributed to every part of zhu.nu. The below people generally have kept their contributions to SUDS.

Caz is a housewife and mother with two small children. She lives deep in the suburbs and is also known as the Big Scary Housewife. Are you scared yet?

Teal is a tenured grad student who lives in Adelaide, studies in Melbourne and socialises in Canada;
and who shares a house with more cats than anyone really ought to.

Garth Kidd is a computer programmer. He has been described as the Adric of the real world. "If it comes to avoiding being blown up and solving a computer problem, Garth would be mince meat". Still, he has moved to a bigger city, got married, and is Deadly, Bloody Serious. (I still think the dinosaurs are goners)

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