My fav European country, with outings there in 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015.
South America  
A grand tour of the "other side" (i.e. not Brazil) of South America. Nine weeks to take in Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.
Central Europe  
A week in Central Europe, taking in Vienna (for that year's Eurovision win), Bratislava and Budapest.
Three weeks in the most welcoming country of all. Staying with my friend Clint in Tokyo, and using that as a base to explore other parts of the country.
A week in the lovely Polish capital. Great weather, great people, great food and loads of history. (This is a Facebook album)
Vietnam & Cambodia  
A week in each, travelling with my very good friend Denis. Finishing with the spectacular Angkor Wat.
Bristol & Cardiff  
I spent a few days in Bristol (and one afternoon in Cardiff) after Christmas 2011. (This is a Facebook album)
My second time in my favourite country of all. Just a short trip this time (3 weeks). Sort of filling in the gaps of places I hadn't gone last time. First time I went in 2000 for 3 months. (This is a Facebook album)
Close encounters with whales, pyramids, deep canyons, tall skyscrapers, sun, sea and feathered indigenes. Lee and I went to Mexico as a dual birthday treat to ourselves.
Elsworthys' Adventures in Europe
My sister, Jane, and her daughters, Alanah and Serena, came to Europe for a Grand European Tour, along with Lee and myself. This is an interactive travel game.
City of Bath  
Along the way we went to Bath, and met alot of pigs.
Lee and I went to visit Eugenia at her Spanish hideaway in North-western Spain.
Lee and I and Jennifer Matthews went on a short break to Paris to end the year and spend New Year's Eve watching the sparkling Eiffel Tower.
(This is a Facebook album)
I went out East London way to watch the beginning of the Tour de France (weird huh?). And while I was there I took in the sights of Greenwich, the home of time.
I took Lee to Australia to introduce him to my family and my country. We went to Adelaide, Cairns and Sydney.
Lee and I went to Berlin so I could show him my favourite city. Here are some pictures from 2006 and some others I took in 1999.
North West London  
Wandering around my local neighbourhood with a camera. Spotting a Hindu temple and a famous football stadium.
Two months backpacking by myself. Taking in Italy, Slovenia, Crotia, Germany, Greece and Turkey.
Canary Islands  
Lee's and my first holiday together. Circumnavigating the island of Gran Canaria, and popping over to Tenerife. A real postcard home.
I went to Amsterdam and then made a little story book for my nieces. This link is a downloadable PDF.
Australia's Top End  
My first time up the top end of Australia, visiting Darwin and Kakadu.
World Map 1999  
When I first started travelling I started drawing maps of where I've been.
World Map 2008  
Pretty quickly I turned my world map into a version of a metro/subway/tube map. This one is the last of these.
World Map 2015  
Then when the metro map got ridiculous I changed to this new style. This is the latest.
Latin American travel  
A more geographic view of all the travel I've done in Latin America.
Countries that I've visited  
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