The SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) is a medieval re-creation society (founded in 1965) which I participated in from 1987-1991. The Australian branch is called Lochac. It has an "Order of Precedence", a list of people who have received the most and highest awards in the group's history.

In May 2007, some 16 years after I had left the group the Order of Precedence was some 1,915 people long. With the most awarded person in the number one position. This list changes weekly (on some minor scale).

Here is a list of people I knew (and hung out with) from that group, and where they rank on that list. I generally knew these people by their SCA name, but where I knew people by a different moniker I've included that.

1.Elffin of Mona
18.Eleanor Lyttellhayles
19.Reynardine de Clifford
21.Corin Anderson (Topsy)
22.Gabriella della Santa Croce (Spyder)
23.Valerian Zakharevitch Druzhinnik
25.Styvryn Longshanks
26.Rhyllian of Starfire Retreat
27.Rowan Perigrynne
28.Haos Windchaser
29.Bryhony Beehyrd
32.Kane Greymane
34.Gerald Swinford (Barnaby)
46.Lucrezia Lorenz
59.Thorfinn Hrolfsson
68.Richard de la Croix
72.Gereint Scholar
73.Robert Gordon of Ravensbrook (Robby G)
80.Aislinn de Valence (Megan)
83.Tovye Woolmongere (Tony)
88.Hassan ibn Ysau (Denis)
93.Esla of Ifeld (Sue)
95.Myfanwy of Aberystwyth
117.Sven the Stormdriven (Aroleon, I think)
133.Osgot of Corfe
151.Pietro del Toro Rosso
156.Miriam Galbraith
275.Lachlan Bradoc (Tim)
285.Geoffrey Jeffries
288.Ingibjorg Ambadöttir (Jocelyn, I think)
305.Giles Leabrook
327.Torgon Yuand
333.Robert of Starmount
339.Hamish MacTalla
340.Dana of the Green (Lyra Dana)
392.Ian the Upstanding
644.Sebastian the Decadant
654.Stephen of Irongate
663.Tako Jiro (Borchardt)
687.Lachlan Tadhg (Kieran)
701.Maeva Torfadottir (Caz)
776.Robert Furness of Southwood (ME!!!!)

I'm the last important people I know. There are several people missing off this list. Probably because they kept changing their name, and I don't know their most recent SCA name.