Top 10 mother tongues of London schoolchildren
(Percentage of school population)
1. English 67.86
2. Bengali and Sylheti 4.51
3. Panjabi 3.32
4. Gujarati 3.19
5. Hindi/Urdu 2.91
6. Turkish 1.74
7. Arabic 1.23
8. English-based Creoles 1.20
9. Yoruba 1.16
10. Somali 0.93

Map of London's boroughs
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South London, innit
In 12 years (2011) of living in London I have lived in 12 places (including 4 particularly tiresome months in which I lived in 4 different places). Three of the places I have lived have been in the North West, the rest have been in inner South West London.

In London the word perpendicular has no meaning. When I lived in Tulse Hill I drew this map of the surrounding major roads and train stations. Click to enlarge.