Just answer these questions
(where none of these answers fit, pick the one closest to the truth)

  1. Is their favourite roleplaying system...
    AD&D / Traveller
    Top Secret / Aftermath
    The one with the Aardvarks in that Tom invented?
  2. Would they prefer to play...
    Monopoly / Illuminati / Kingmaker / Scrabble
    War in Europe
    The Stockmarket Game?
  3. Do they...
    Stand up for old ladies on the bus
    Rush to grab the last seat from them
    Catch trains?
  4. Have you ever caught them...
    not wearing under arm deodorant
    wearing a singlet
    Climbing a statue while wearing a ridiculous hat?
  5. Who is their hero?
    Attila the Hun
    Steve Jackson
    Mad Max
  6. Are their T-shirts generally...
    Light blue, yellow, pale green (Mum chose them)
    Hand painted with anarchy symbols
    >Printed - an advert for a heavy metal group or 'Starsky and Hutch'?
  7. What is their diet like?
    Anything that won't take revenge immediately
    Coke & potato crisps
    Calamari and two veg
    Who cares?
  8. Is their favourite actor...
    John Norman
    Georgette Heyer
    Robert Anton Wilson?
  9. Do they own...
    An engraved multi-sided dice set
    A few half painted Napoleonic miniatures
    A rubber glove
    A Gary Gygax dart board?
  10. They work figures out using...
    A computer
    A calculator
    Their head