A day out in Greenwich

Summer 2007 in London and there's been weird weather. It was pouring with rain all week a couple of weeks back. Yorkshire was flooded. The the weather fined up for Sunday and the Concert for Diana at Wembley. But it was back to horrible weather all week again. It was hailing heavily on Tuesday. In Summer! But fortuitously it fined up again for the weekend. Saturday saw Live Earth at Wembley, the Wimbledon finals and the Tour de France's Prologue through Central London.

Then Sunday it was the Tour de France's Stage One. The actual start of the race was out in Greenwich. So I popped along for a look. When I got there, as I emerged from the train station I was met with this sight...

Yes, red fluorescent giraffes. Those crazy French.

Two million people turned out up and down the route for the English part of the Tour de France. But as I was only a few hundred metres from the start, the whole pack of riders passed my point in about 2 seconds. So I didn't get a picture of them.